Yayasan Cipta



“As in the gamelan orchestra, the parties involved in social development, interconnected and united, while playing a role.
Cooperation and tolerance together helped fill in the creation of beautiful sound of gamelan. Kendhang as a leader and controller has a regulatory role. Other devices, follow. Just like a gong, Yayasan Cipta would like to play harmonize and give balance to the series of successful efforts of the parties involved in social development, specifically the public health. “



Improving health literacy of Indonesia societies and become health advocates    to improve their quality of life.


  1. Deployment of evidence-based advocacy program for policy makers to achieve better policy changes.
  2. Deployment of behavior change of communication to strengthen the
    knowledge, awareness, attitude and behavior of individual, families, and
  3. Creating a model of social development program that can be adopt by national and international partners.
  4. To become a trust referral institution in the development of program communication in social development programs.
  5. Empowering people in the government and in the private sector in advocacy for better social development.