Yayasan Cipta

Yayasan Cipta

Yayasan Cipta was established in 2008 to sustain donor assisted programs implemented by Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. Afterwards, Yayasan Cipta has grown as an independent non-profit organization focusing on the strategic communication aspect of development, including social and behavior change communication.

Our Vision is improving health literacy of Indonesian societies and becoming health advocates to improve their quality of life. We deliver the prominent expertise for projects encompassing social development and public health issues, particularly nutrition and health,WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), maternal and child health, family planning, gender rights, and environmental management.

Our core competencies comprise of the following expertise:

a.  Designing, implementing, and monitoring-evaluating social behavioral change communication (SBCC) strategy, through participatory approach involving stakeholders, particularly the target audiences and experts

b.  Improving the capacity of stakeholders in advocacy and design behavior change communication strategy in public health sectors

c. Leveraging and mobilizing community resources to address local development challenges through advocacy and technical advisory to government and development actors

We utilize major advocacy and communication tools to deliver our services, such as: SMART Advocacy, P-Process & Net-Map, which were adopted from John Hopkin University Centre for Communication Program (CCP).

Yayasan Cipta has been collaborating with Indonesian Line Ministries, including Bappenas, BKKBN, and Ministry of Health to implement projects at the national and sub-national level. We have been working with the sub-national governments and local communities in 13 Provinces and 33 Districts/Cities across Indonesia. Our Key Clients include USAID, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Tanoto Foundation, UNFPA, UNICEF, Nutrition International, as well as the National and Sub-national Government of Indonesia.



“As in the gamelan orchestra, the parties involved in social development, interconnected and united, while playing a role.
Cooperation and tolerance together helped fill in the creation of beautiful sound of gamelan. Kendhang as a leader and controller has a regulatory role. Other devices, follow. Just like a gong, Yayasan Cipta would like to play harmonize and give balance to the series of successful efforts of the parties involved in social development, specifically the public health. “





Improving health literacy of Indonesia societies and become health advocates to improve their quality of life.



  1. Deployment of evidence-based advocacy program for policy makers to achieve better policy changes.
  2. Deployment of behavior change of communication to strengthen the knowledge, awareness, attitude and behavior of individual, families, and communities.
  3. Creating a model of social development program that can be adopt by national and international partners.
  4. To become a trust referral institution in the development of program communication in social development programs.
  5. Empowering people in the government and in the private sector in advocacy for better social development.